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9 days ago

12. Ok Boomer, It's Time for No [BLANK] November!

You fill in the blank for yourself.

16 days ago

11. Team Trees, Cuddly Rodents, and Freedom

and a bit of other ridiculousness

23 days ago

10. Memes on Memes on Memes anyway, I started blasting.

a month ago

9. Hong Kong Protests and Dad Jokes

...peace was never an option

a month ago

7. We Actually Tried the KFC Donut Chicken Sandwich

It was kinda lit... we also talk memes!

2 months ago

6. We Raided Area 51 and Found KFC's Donut Sandwich

Vatican, you're next...

2 months ago

5. Cash Me Ousside Area 51

Howbow dah...

2 months ago

4. Thomas the Train Thinks Your Pumpkin Spice is BS

Ain't no time like meme time

2 months ago

3. Broken Families and Ketchup

Do You Drizzle or Dunk Your Nugs?